The Town of Derry does not allow dogs at Gallien’s Beach!!

  1. Be prepared!!! Have your donation sign-up sheet/waiver ready when you arrive at Gallien’s Beach. (If you are under age 21, remember to have it also signed by a parent or guardian!)
  2. Bring your money!! Once your waiver is checked, you will hand over your waiver & donations and you will receive a blue bracelet signifying you are registered to be an AWESOME 2019 Plunger! Wear it proudly!
  3. If you are a part of a team, look the part! Wear shirts, hats, costumes that show your Team-ness!
  4. Dry = Warm! Bring a set of dry clothes, coat, towels including socks, mittens & footwear.
  5. Fleet Feet! Wear water shoes or old sneakers into the lake. It helps you motor out of the water faster and it sure beats standing on the cold sand in your bare feet!
  6. Arrive with time to spare! Remember: the early bird gets to their car fastest after the Plunge!
  7. Carpool with friends, family & fellow Plungers! Fewer cars mean better parking for everyone!
  8. ENJOY!