Save the date!

When: December 14, 2019 at 12:00 Noon
Where: Gallien’s Town Beach at Beaver Lake, 39 Pond Road, Derry, NH

Come one, come all to participate in the 3rd Annual Pantry Plunge!
(Except dogs! The Town of Derry does not allow dogs at Gallien’s Beach!!)

On Saturday, December 14, 2019, we will be once again taking to the frigid waters of our own Beaver Lake (at Gallien’s Beach) to raise money for the FBC Community Food Pantry! “How can I help make this event a big success?” you might ask … here’s how!

Form a Team of Your Own!

Step 1: Get a Donation Pledge Sheet
Step 2: Show up on December 14
Step 3: Plunge! (Read our Advice)

Get your co-workers, your family, and your friends to join you! Offer everyone you know an opportunity to sponsor your Plunge. Bring your Pledge sheet (available here or on our Facebook page “Pantry Plunge”), your pledges, your warm, dry clothes, and your enthusiasm to Beaver Lake and change the world … and just maybe yourself! It will be the most unusual, reaffirming, moments of your holiday season. It does take courage … after all, a dip in the lake in December is a chilling experience! Those few moments of discomfort, however, can mean a lot – a WHOLE LOT – of food for those in need!

Become a sponsor!

If Taking the Plunge is not for you, please sponsor someone who is going in! A donation earmarked “Pantry Plunge” will help encourage other intrepid participants. We are working hard to raise as much money as we can, so that none of our neighbors will go hungry this year!

Best of all, it will provide the gift that keeps on giving.

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